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Ester series

Span 80

Span 80

CAS NO.:1338-43-8

Molecular formula : C24H44O6

Molecular weight : 428.62

Product description:

Non-ionic emulsifier, insoluble in water, soluble in hot oil and organic solvents, is a senior lipophilic emulsifier. For W / O emulsion explosives, cotton and viscose rayon cord oil, the fiber has a good smoothing effect. For machinery, coatings, chemicals, explosives emulsion. In oil drilling aggravating mud as emulsifier; food and cosmetics production for emulsifier; paint, paint industry for dispersing agent; titanium dioxide production as stabilizer; pesticide production for pesticides, wetting agent, emulsifier ; Petroleum products for the help of solvents; also for anti-rust oil rust. Lubricants and softeners for textiles and leather. As a film anti-fog drops, with good initial and low temperature anti-droplet, in the amount of 1-1.5% PVC, polyolefin in the amount of 0.5-0.7%.

Performance index:




Amber viscous liquid

 Acid value ( mgKOH/g )


Saponification value ( mgKOH/g )


Hydroxyl value ( mgKOH/g )≤


Water content(%)≤


HLB value


Melting point ( ℃ )

liquid ( 25℃ )


1000L(about 950KGS) Intermediate Bulk Containe l or 200L lining plastic iron drum.


Should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, the storage life for the not opened bucket is 24 months


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