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Ester series

Trihydroxymethylpropyl trioleate

Trihydroxymethylpropyl trioleate

CAS N0.:57675-44-2

Molecular formula : C60H110O6

Molecular weight : 927.51

Product description:

Trihydroxymethylpropyl trioleate has excellent lubricating properties, high viscosity index, good flame resistance, good hydrolytic stability, high flash point, low volatility and low temperature, is the 46th synthetic ester type anti fuel oil ideal base oil; Can be used to allocate for environmental protection of the hydraulic oil, chain saw, oil and water yacht with engine oil; As oily agent in liquid steel cold rolling system, steel pipe drawing oil and other widely used in metal processing liquid; Also can be used as intermediates of textile and leather auxiliaries and textile agent.

Performance index:




Light yellow transparent liquid

 Viscosity ( mm2/s )  40℃


Viscosity index      ≥


  Acid value ( mgKOH/g ) ≤


Flash point (open, ℃ ) ≥


Pour point ( ℃ ) ≤


Hydroxyl value ( mgKOH/g ) ≤


 Saponification value ( mgKOH/g )


Note: some indexes can be adjusted according to the customer's needs.

Packing:  1000L(about 950KGS) Intermediate Bulk Containe l or 200L lining plastic iron drum.

Storage: Should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place.


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