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Oleic acid series

Diesel fuel lubricity improver

Lubricity improvers

Product model:RH/ZC-Y(-8)

Product description:

In order to meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection, the State Administration of quality supervision and the National Standardization Committee promulgated the "Q/SHCG57-2014 Diesel" standard, the provisions of the index of diesel fuel lubricity requirements, the wear scar diameter less than 440 microns (60 ℃). In the new national standard in a considerable amount of light diesel oil can not meet the requirements, especially by the hydrogenation process refining diesel lubrication is unable to meet the requirements. Therefore, adding diesel oil lubricity improver to improve its lubrication performance, contribute to the production of light diesel oil refinery to meet the new national standards. Our company has developed RH/ZC-Y (-8) series diesel lubrication modifier. This product by ISO12156-1 high frequency reciprocating experiment) method that, on the domestic crude oil in different, different process for the production of various kinds of diesel lubricity were significantly improved, the dosage of 200ppm can make the wear scar diameter decreased 240-370 microns. At the same time can improve the corrosion resistance of diesel and does not react with oil, diesel oil and various additives, and diesel pour point, add detergent, sixteen octane, antioxidant stabilizer and synergistic effect.

Performance index:


Quality index

Experiment method

Density(20℃ Kg/m3)



Kinematic viscosity(40℃ mm2/s)



flash point(closed ℃)



Sulfur content (mass fraction)%



Acid value(mgKOH/g)



Mechanical impurities (mass fraction)%


Visual method

Water content(mass fraction)%



Freezing point(℃)



Cloud point(℃)


The main function:

1. To improve the lubrication performance of diesel and reduce the wear of vehicle components.

2. The different nature of the crude oil and hydrogenation process of diesel produced a good sensitivity.

3. No adverse effect on diesel cleanliness, low temperature fluidity and other properties.

4. No harmful substances, does not affect other performance indicators of diesel.

5. No corrosion of metal materials.

6. Excellent compatibility with diesel.

Use range: suitable for low sulfur diesel.

Add the dose: the proposed dose of 50-200ppm.

Packaging and storage:

1. 200L lining plastic iron drum or plastic material barrels,net weight 180Kg.

2. Can be packaged according to user requirements.

3. This product does not belong to the scope of dangerous goods, stored at room temperature, avoid sun exposure, away from fire and heat, strong acid, alkali. In storage, use and water contact is strictly prohibited, so as not to affect the results.


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